mxcheck is a security scanner for e-mail servers.

Install mxcheck

mxcheck is written in Golang and open source. You can install it by compiling from source or use a precompiled executable for your platform. mxcheck is a single file application without external dependencies. Download On Github you can find ready-to-run executables for most common operating systems and platforms like Linux, MacOS or Windows on AMD64 and ARM64. Just download from Github, extract the archive and run the program from a terminal/command line.


Configuration is done via command line flags.

mxcheck examples

mxcheck is a command line tool. Therefore all examples are using your local terminal. Quickstart A minimal run just needs the -s flag. The flag provides the service that is going to be checked. mxcheck queries all MX entries and then gathers more DNS information. After that it starts a port scan, reads the server flag, compares hostname to PTR entry, StartTLS and the validity of certificates. It also checks if the server leaks information by supporting the VRFY command.

Imprint and contact

Steffen Fritz E-Mail: steffen AT fritz.wtf OpenPGP: Keyserver Issues: Github